Back Pain

Back Pain

Over the many hundreds of clients we have seen, back pain is by far the most common complaint. So many people just learn to live with chronic pain whether they use pain killers or adjust mobility. We are here to say this… LIVING IN PAIN IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. And neither is living on pain killers.

So what is the reason for all this pain? Some of it is old injury from our more reckless and youthful days but a lot of it is our sitting culture that has developed from desk jobs and the technology to not ever have to move! So we are also here to say… YOU DO HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS. Did you know that the muscles that support your spine are designed to act like a natural brace? All you have to do is strengthen them!

While we always recommend getting a scan to find out exactly what’s going on, we can almost always rely on muscular superheros; gluteal, transverse abdominis, hip flexors and rectus abdominus to rescue you from back pain.

Let’s talk transverse abdominis… these absolute superheros are the deepest and most supportive. They wrap from one side of the trunk to the other so when we learn how to properly activate them they protect your spine.

Stretch… the quickest way to alleviate pain before you can start building strength is to stretch and walk. Try not to fall into the trap of stretching only when you feel pain. Stretch and walk often and multiple times per day. Then get onto strengthening those superheros!

Get in touch to find out how you can live pain free. After all, back pain is a pain in the back!

Dushan Raveendrakumar